About Initiative

“Women Citizens for Constitutional Reform”  is initiative that advocates for the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina that will ensure enlarged protection for human rights and freedom especially focusing on gender perspective. The initiative was formed by the activists and organizations from all over B&H who wishes to encourage all citizens to use their knowledge, energy and willingness on mutual action and contribute toward fulfillment of Initiative goals.

Initiative “Women Citizens for Constitutional Reform” is an informal group that gathers 36 civil society organizations and activists that continuously work on the understanding of the terms of sex and gender, peace, freedom and human rights. They created document named “Platform of women’s priorities for Constitutional reforms with amendments to the Constitution of B&H from a gender perspective” which advocates for sensitization and changes in the Constitution from a gender perspective with the vision to achieve egalitarian and rightful participation of women and men in the private and public sphere of life in B&H.

Our vision is fair and just Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding gender equality for the society with equal rights and opportunities.

Members of the Initiative have defined five priorities within the reform process of the Constitution of BiH, and have created gender-sensitive Amendments on this basis:

  1. Application of gender inclusive language in the Constitution of BiH;
  2. Introduction of affirmative action principles in the Constitution of BiH to work towards full gender equality;
  3. Amendments to the existing catalog of fundamental rights, to include provisions with respect to common health care services, social and family care;
  4. Affirmation of a higher level of judicial and legal protection of human rights and liberties, and
  5. Introduction of the principle of direct democracy in the process of constitutional reform.

Members of the Initiative believe that the reform of the Constitution of BiH must not represent the consensus of political actors only, but also the consensus of all citizens discussing essential issues to define the future framework for a common life. With respect to this goal, the constitutional reform process must equally include women and men.

Our mission:

The initiative promotes the highest values of social justice, the rule of law and direct democracy as fundamental values that together will guarantee the improvement of living standards and political stabilization in BiH.

The initiative is supported by the organizations and individuals.

Coordinating organization: Helsinški parlament građana Banja Luka

PR of the Initative: Denija Hidić


+387 51 432 750/752;  +387 33 207 561

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